Joe, How Sweet It Is

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So many cupcakes...

Just when you thought Bwog couldn’t fawn over Joe any more, it turns out that The Best Cupcakes in NYC are arriving in NoCo on February 21st. Robicelli’s has no standing menu because they are constantly inventing new flavors, but here’s a sample of what one might expect:

Butterbeer: Vanilla cake soaked with homemade butterscotch, butterscotch buttercream, edible gold dust

Chicken n’Waffles: Vanilla “waffle” cake, vanilla buttercream, buttermilk soaked fried chicken dunked in pure Vermont maple syrup.

Car Bomb: Chocolate Guinness stout cake, Jameson whiskey ganache, Bailey’s Irish Cream buttercream

Deliciousness via wikimedia

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  1. Sorry Bwog, but

    I believe it's just "Joe," not "Joe's." Saying that you couldn't "fawn over Joe’s any more" seems to me the equivalent of saying that you're absolutely gaga over the megabargain deals down at Target's.

    Sorry to nitpick but it's my pet peeve and seeing as how this is the internet, I must subject you to it. Carry on!

  2. Anonymous  


  3. Anonymous  

    These cupcakes sound delicious.

    Joe, on the other hand, is a little overrated. Yes, the coffee is good, but do I want to spend $3.50 on an 8 oz latte? No. Either they gave me the wrong size cup or their prices are waaaay inflated.

  4. Anonymous  

    YES. So excited for this. If I'm not getting laid, I better be getting a damn good cupcake. And I don't care how pathetic and/or ridiculous that may sound. Those cupcakes are soooo good.

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