Personals: Jonathan Lee, SEAS ’13 and David Ordinario, SEAS ’11

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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and we’ve got more Personals for you. Don’t wallow in sadness again this year! Our eligible (engineer!) student bodies this time are Jonathan Lee, SEAS ’13 and David Ordinario, SEAS ’11. If any of these two interest you, send us a note at editors@bwog.com, and we’ll set you up right quick with a date and $10. Last call to submit your own Personal!

Name, Year, School, Major: Jonathan Lee, 2013, SEAS, Operations Research

Preference: Guy for girl

Hometown: Scarsdale, NY

Your dream date in seven words or less: UCB improv show

What redeems you as a human being? My ability to quote most of Arrested Development

Choice aphrodisiac: Hamdel onion rings

Most romantic spot in Morningside: Bridge over Amsterdam

Sexiest animal (interpret as you will): Miniature Stallion

Historical Hottie: Eleanor Roosevelt

Name, Year, School, Major: David Ordinario, 2011, SEAS, Materials Science and Engineering


Hometown: Rockland, NY

Your dream date in seven words or less: Walking down along the water at night

What redeems you as a human being? I fix computers for people, conduct research that benefits society, and don’t give up on something if I really want it.

Choice aphrodisiac: Kirin Milk Tea

Most romantic spot in Morningside: The roof of Mudd at night on a clear, cloudless day. The view of the city is incredible.

Sexiest animal (interpret as you will): Totoro

Historical Hottie: Mulan. Yes, I know it’s debatable whether she actually existed or is just a legend. But for the purposes of this questionnaire let’s assume she did.



  1. "Preference: x^2"

    We're really not even trying to break SEAS stereotypes, are we?

  2. Points  

    for picking Eleanor Roosevelt! She's definitely a historical hottie in my book.

    Points for Mulan too, but less because Mushu and Cri-kee should have been included.

  3. this is why

    no one wants to date SEAS boys


  4. Hey,  

    It's dangerous to walk along the water at night... don't take me there when we go out, sugar.

  5. mickey avalon  

    mickey avalon.

  6. Atta boy

    Jonathan Lee. Go get 'em, champ.

  7. Anonymous  

    MILK TEA <3 <3 <3

  8. Anonymous  

    Looks like Jonathan Lee already has a girlfriend.

  9. i would  

    devour the asian's cock

  10. Anonymous  

    props for picking totoro

  11. Anonymous  

    JOHNNY!!!! hahaha <3 <3 <3

  12. Jonathan Lee  

    is a sexy stud muffin who is a beast in the sack <3

  13. Anonymous  

    poor upstate new york

  14. Johnny Lee....  

    I'd tap that

  15. naww  

    David is cute! I'd take the date with him if I weren't so shy..

  16. Jonathan Lee's schlong...  

    was two sizes too big....

  17. break me off a...

    piece of jonny lee

  18. Anonymous  

    How does this kid have such a big fan section and need a Bwog personal? (or is someone ACTUALLY switching computers so the track function doesn't see it's all one person?)

  19. Anonymous

    @Jonny Lee

  20. Anonymous  

    so far jonny has the best personal

  21. Anonymous

    i want to 69 the asian

  22. Anonymous  

    for an asian dude, jonny is pretty DAMN FINE...kinda wanna hump the shit outta that little boy

  23. Johnny Lee  

    does big things

  24. wat

    Rule #1 of posting of a picture of yourself

    Post a picture of YOURSELF

    PS: these bros look pretty cool

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