CCSC: Brave New Proposals Edition

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At CCSC, Love is in the air!

Brian Wagner reports from Satow:

  • In an effort to reduce the inexcusably long lines at EC during peak gettin’ crunk hours, the council is investigating a new electronic system for signing in guests. The system would keep track of who has signed in whom. Some voiced concerns that this may not help, but an expert opinion was soon put forth: “I love Barnard, but the lines . . . it’s all Barnard people.” So there you have it. Hooray technology!
  • After a quick shout-out to the Glass House Rocks committee members for organizing such a rollicking good time this past Thursday night (someone said it was “the most fun I’ve ever had at Lerner”), the council moved on to a discussion of the new Co-Sponsorship Committee. The committee would aim to reduce headaches involved in seeking co-sponsorships from student councils by creating a single body to streamline the process. (Currently, a request is made to each council individually.) The biggest roadblock is that the CCSC Constitution (hopefully enshrined in a glass display somewhere) would require an amendment in order for CCSC to hand over its co-sponsorship responsibility. At the moment, a sort of trial program is under way and a committee been created to determine the viability of creating another committee.
  • While the trial program moves forward, the council remains concerned over the form that the real co-sponsorship committee would take. Some choice arguments against the committee: concerns over pooling money between multiple schools, especially because some student groups don’t have members from every school; the current setup is a waste of time and money; the new committee would reduce transparency. On the other side, the President of the Club Sports Governing Board made an appearance and said that club sports leaders were thrilled by the prospect of this committee. An alternate solution was proposed: wouldn’t it just make more sense to create a uniform application for the student councils? Like a reverse Common App–you ask for money instead of the opportunity to spend it. In the end, CCSC tabled the discussion until next week, when a revised version of the proposal will be presented.
  • An update on the much-fretted-over CU-EMS move out of Carman: The student councils granted the volunteers access to space in Broadway last semester, but CU-EMS is now [randomly] being relocated to the basement of Nussbaum, formerly administrative space. Those offices will move to the Broadway rooms, though CCSC is looking to keep Broadway 102 as storage space for student groups. At least the staff will have easy access to coffee and bagels while they wait for a call to action.
  • Next, an appearance by none other than Bwog’s very own Mark Hay! He spoke on behalf of the InterPublications Alliance (IPA), an organization representing 33 campus publications, and expressed its desire for better publication racks. The current system (or lack thereof), which involves a smattering of tiny, hard-to-spot stands and a lot of random piles of publications scattered about campus, has been estimated to waste between $7,000-10,000 per year in discarded material, immense when compared with the cost of a few new racks. A resolution to buy the racks had been passed at a previous meeting, and now it only remains for the council to order the racks. As Mark’s partner in crime pointed out (ominously) to Alex Frouman, “Everything is going fairly smoothly . . . unless you step in my way.”
  • The last issue discussed was a resolution that would make Open Space Activities reservations visible to the public prior to the day of the event for which the reservation is made. CCSC passed this resolution at the last meeting, but it turns out that they had violated procedure during the vote and conducted it illegally (luckily no law enforcement was called). The re-vote, adhering to proper procedure, resulted in unanimous passage.
  • Just when Learned seemed poised to adjourn what had been a lengthy meeting, Karishma told him that she had a brief announcement. “Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day . . . I want you to know that whether or not you’re going on a hot date–like I am–” at which point a chaotic uproar of laughter, whistling, and shouting brought the meeting to a loud, raucous conclusion. Bwog wishes her a delightful evening.

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