ESC: Grad School without GREs and Dinosaur BBQ in Carlton

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Sean Zimmermann reports from last night’s ESC meeting.

But what if they served dinosaurs?

  • Academic Affairs Representative Dong Yoon Yang announced the IEOR department will now offer a combined BS/MS program, similar to the program offered by the EE department. The program will allow students with a certain GPA to begin taking graduate courses in their senior year, and finish their MS a year after they complete their undergraduate work. Bonus: no GRE requirement!
  • More broadly, SEAS officials approved an Express MS program for all SEAS majors. This, like the combined program, allows students to apply to SEAS graduate programs without taking the GRE. However, unlike the combined plan, it does not permit students to double count certain courses for both the undergraduate and master’s degrees. All this GRE-free excitement is open to any student with GPA above 3.5.
  • President  Christopher Elizondo reported that administrator Vicki Dunn is currently talking to local BBQ restaurant Dinosaur Barbecue about providing food to Carlton Lounge. Interested students (which is lots right?) should email ESC student services representative Lisa Mack ([email protected]).
  • The council voted to hold a Spring Election Kick-Off event sometime in early April. The event, designed to increase student turnout for council elections, would take place on Low Plaza and provide free food, cake, and laptops for students to vote at the event. Though the event would be costly (ESC declined to give figures until event details were finalized), VP Internal Carla Williams reminded the council that the costs would be split between ESC, CCSC, and GSSC.

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