ROTC Town Hall Tonight

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Tonight the USenate’s Task Force on Military Engagement will hold its second town-hall style meeting, with MiMoo making opening remarks! You can have your say at 309 Havemeyer Hall from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

The Task Force is encouraging those planning to attend to RSVP here. Approximately 60 people had registered as of Sunday night, leaving 250 slots remaining. In preparation you can read Bwog’s review of the first hearing, and all of our past ROTC coverage.

There have also been some updates to the Task Force’s website. A full transcript and audio files of the first hearing are now available, and the Senate has released the first batch of (largely pro-ROTC) e-mail responses sent to [email protected], including comments from many professors¬†(John Huber, PoliSci chair; Ronald Breslow, University Professor; and William Theodore de Bary, Provost Emeritus).



  1. Bwog  

    Can you post more personals? So what if valentines day is over.

  2. who cares?

    ROTC will come back whether or not the crazy sign-bearing leftists (who I'm ashamed to call my classmates after how they behaved at the last town hall) "approve" of it or not.

  3. I LOVE  

    that you call her MiMoo!
    BWOG... i wanna have sex with your corpse

  4. wow profs are for rotc

    Impressive how enthusiastically the professors support ROTC return in the e-mails. If the faculty are for ROTC, game over.

    Love this line in the last (1st?) e-mail: We envision Columbia ROTC as the leading, state-of-the-art ROTC program in the nation.

  5. was at hearing tonight  

    the crazy anthro profs dont. but the rest of the (sane) profs appear to

  6. Stephen

    I was at the hearing tonight and spoke in favor of ROTC's return. I thought many of the people who spoke both for and against lifting the ban made excellent points. What really surprised me, though, was how many people were in attendance. For the most part everyone was respectful and considerate in voicing their opinions and listening to the opinions of others. Columbia wins either way with such an active, informed student body.

  7. was at hearing tonight  

    The only catcalls and hisses and boos and interruptions and instances of misbehaviour came from the anti-ROTC side.

  8. Stephen

    Also thought it was interesting and somewhat surprising the the Presidents of the College Dems and the College Republicans both spoke in favor of bringing ROTC back.

  9. anon  

    sara snedeker is hot.

  10. Stephen

    I was browsing the emails to the ROTC task force and noticed that my email, sent 2/11, was not included in the list. I did not ask for the email to be kept private. I wonder on what basis emails are being chosen for release. I was under the impression that they would all be made publicly available unless the sender specifically asked that they be "off the record."

  11. TFME  


    Apologies for leaving your email out. The Task Force erred on the side of caution for those emails where there was uncertainty if they were meant for publication. We will post it ASAP.

    Task Force on Military Engagement

  12. yo  

    The ban on ROTC is such political theater. If Columbia really wants to protest the U.S. government's policies, it should stop taking federal dollars. Just sayin

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