Better Know a Bureaucrat

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The School of the Arts and Office of Government and Community Affairs (GCA) announced yesterday that Marcia Sells, currently an Associate Vice President of GCA, has been appointed Associate Dean of Community Outreach at the School of the Arts. That adds 3 words to her email signature, and she gets the big-shot “dean” title. According to a press release, this joint appointment “formalizes an existing, ongoing collaboration between the cultural staff of GCA and the School of the Arts, and establishes the school’s first Office of Community Outreach.” The new office plans to “enhance engagement with the community around Columbia” by continuing cultural programs and partnerships. We hope this will breathe wind in the sails of CUArts. Imagine a day when you eagerly read your CUArts emails and don’t just mock the weird titles…

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  1. satisfied student  

    i am happy my tuition is being spent on this.

  2. ....  

    award for the longest appellation for a job that's simply a sinecure

  3. woooooo  

    wooooo go Marcia!!!

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