1. Anonymous  

    I was waitlisted for one of my lowest choices. Bummer.
    But hey, I won one 3 years ago, so I can't really complain.

  2. yeah but  

    I WON. YES. Finally, as a senior.

  3. dejected senior  

    i didn't win :(

  4. bc'11  

    I WON and im a senior!!! and i won as a freshman too. but for freshman year i literally slept on the ground of Brooks to get my ticket to Matchbox 20.

    who else won a ticket to see the Adams Family?

  5. Urban NY  

    Unintentionally harsh. Sorry.

  6. mhm  

    Tags: my thoughts exactly!

  7. Why don't  

    they fund this better? I realize it has a decent amount of money already, but you don't hear about students at other schools entering lotteries to have fun every few years. And trust me, not everyone can afford to buy Broadway / Cirque du Soleil / etc. tickets on their own.

    Screw you War On Fun.

  8. Anonymous  

    finally, as a second-semester senior, it loves me.

  9. anon  

    i registered and never got an e-mail :(

  10. Dam it bwog

    You made me lose the game, now all your commenter will lose too.

  11. Anonymous  

    the real losers are the winners. these events suck.

  12. Anon  

    Yeah I registered and didn't get an e-mail too- any idea what's up with that?

  13. Anonymous  

    They probably do, its just that the student throw them away because Broadway is too far away.

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