BlackboardHop: Physicists Have Souls Too

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Deep in the bowels of Pupin, mathematical notation holds Physics students tight in its rational grip. Though confined to windowless sun-deprived cells, these scientists secretly engage in renegade artistic expression.  Note the effervescent nature of the flowers and the anthropomorphic eggplant, so fleetingly sketched in chalk.

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  1. What percentage

    of classes taught in Pupin are Physics classes?

  2. I believe  

    this is why they call it "Arts AND Sciences."

  3. Is that  

    eggplant having an existential crisis? Everything else is so HAPPY. He looks like he's thinking \They all have destinies. What do *I* have? Who AM I? Am I an egg? A plant?\

    Poor crisis-of-identity eggplant.

  4. science is an art  

    you dumbass. and why wouldn't physicists have souls?

  5. physicists  

    physicists can can re-create your soul via highly specific atomic collisions.

  6. ....  


  7. Debbie Downer  

    Some student/theater groups occasionally have meetings/rehearsals in Pupin. I wouldn't necessarily assume that these were drawn by physics students, although that piece of information does not automatically preclude the possibility.

    • Eyewitness  

      Just so's you know, I saw this very drawing being made by a real live physics student. Renew your faith in humanity! (Although maybe it was just the influence of lingering radioactivity from the second floor.)

  8. visca  

    is that catalan i see? i molt!

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