Free Falafel In Lerner

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Just say yes. Photo via Wikimedia.

It’s that time of the evening again. You’ve just gotten out of Art Hum after what feels like hours. Your stomach is grumbling in anticipation of dinner, which won’t be for another hour or two. If you were thinking of heading over to Milano or Westside to get a quick snack—it doesn’t count if it’s on Flex!—think again. From 6 to 7:30 pm, the student group formerly known as Campus Media Watch will be having an event featuring free falafel on Lerner ramps to re-introduce themselves to the Columbia Community under a new name: Campus In Context.

So head over to Lerner and facilitate re-introduction. With free falafel.

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  1. Jerry  

    it's a Shemalé...

  2. Anonymous  

    The event was really great. Great food, music, and people. They also had the Columbia Belly Dance Group perform which was really cool. And the falafel was AMAZING. Thanks so much for the tip! Keep em coming!

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