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Who doesn't love a little jazz flute? Photo via Wikimedia.

Bwog loves to get to know our professors. That’s why we’re not ashamed to harass them until they tell us what music they’re listening to. And just ask Dean Peña-Mora or Professor Zukowski—we’re very persistent. This week, we offer you the playlist of Professor Brian Seibert, who hails from Columbia’s Creative Writing Department. Professor Seibert has a very impressive resume of published work, and an equally impressive wide range of musical tastes (though, he says of his 80 gigabytes’ worth of music, “it’s probably more than half jazz“). He notes of his top 10:

Pondering how I might pick from it in any way other than randomly, it occurred to me, during an intermission at a dance concert by Ronald K. Brown, one of my favorite choreographers, that I might cull a list of tracks I first encountered on the job as a dance critic. The first few come from Brown — his taste in music is one of the reasons I like his work so much.

1. “Single Petal of a Rose,” Duke Ellington (the Stefon Harris version)

2. “Lady,” Fela Kuti

3. “A Song for You,” Leon Russell (Donny Hathaway version)

4. “Spiegel im Spiegel,” Arvo Pärt

5. “Totem Pole,” Lee Morgan

6. Prokofiev Violin Concerto #2 in G Minor

7. “Soldier’s Hymn,” Eric Reed

8. “Verano Porteno,” Astor Piazzolla

9. “Ti Mon Bo,” Tito Puente

10. “Tighten Up,” Archie Bell & the Drells

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  1. Anonymous  

    where's the rap?

  2. Anonymous  

    Love the Anchorman tag

  3. Arvo Pärt:  

    Looooove “Spiegel im Spiegel.” Gorgeous.
    Nice playlist.

  4. Anonymous

    Good choice on the Prokofiev. This guy rocks.

  5. w00t  

    Arvo Pärt for the mothafucking win!

  6. please do  

    prof mass...!

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