Saturday Morning Cartoons: PC at the DMV

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Unless you’ve lived in NYC your whole life, being at Columbia can make you forget about a skill that probably defined your suburban adolescence‚ÄĒdriving. This Bwogger certainly misses the days spent zooming through her neighborhood and blasting the Top 40 tunes that everyone only pretends to hate. But unfortunately, driving isn’t always exciting as it sounds, especially when it requires a trip to the dreaded DMV. The lovely Jamila Barra documented her experience at this most ludicrous of establishments and submitted it for this week’s Saturday Morning Cartoons. If you’ve noticed anything silly lately and felt the need to preserve it in cartoon-form, send it along to tips@bwog.com.

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  1. Anonymous  

    wow nice handwriting!

  2. Anonymous


  3. fantastic

    i think harvey pekar would be proud of these. capturing the beauty in the mundane. keep it up.

  4. These cartoons  

    Are awesome. Please please please do more.

  5. I dont get it  

    seriousla you guys.

  6. Anonymous

    very good pictures I like 'em
    more of them

  7. Uncle Matt

    Euro-American Splendor!

  8. Anonymous  

    these are awesome comics! bring her back!

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