Bwoglines: Wedding Traditions Edition

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In the spirit of all things matrimonial, after a former SIPA student’s engagement announcement (Hudson Hub Times) we present to you:

From last night's basketball game

Something old: We lost against Harvard at yesterday’s basketball game (WSJ) but that didn’t stop people from crowding in to vigorously support the home team (true, while also celebrating Greek night).

One of the better moments of the game (click for video!).

Something new: They might have helped the revolution in the Arab world, but Facebook and Twitter are supposedly the worst inventions of the decade to the English. (International Business Times)

Fresh reports on the ROTC debate from the NYPost.

New York City could be Stanford’s something borrowed.  President John Hennessy told the Faculty Senate Meeting that Stanford has been chosen to potentially build a campus in New York City,  and is up against 16  other schools for ‘a block or two’ downtown.  They’re in a race to be ‘the first’ to set up’ multiple campuses’.  Who wants to break the news? (Stanford Review)

Something blue: H&H Bagels is in danger. An affiliate declared bankruptcy on Friday, which ‘could force a shutdown of the bagel company’s Seacaucus, N.J., baking facility’. (DNA Info)

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  1. Reality  

    It should be noted that the 'war hero' was heckled not because he was a war hero but because he was being racist.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever you got to say to make yourself feel better, I hope those responsible feel guilty. I hope names show up, cause behavior like that needs to be forever attached to their google reputations so they can forever be known as over the top radicals. It's NYC vs. the hecklers now.

      • Anonymous

        Actually it's not just NYC vs. the hecklers anymore the story has gone National amongst veteran groups. The hecklers really did a large disservice to the university because the chatter coming about from this article is blaming everyone here at Columbia not just the few individuals that have no respect for those who have served. Vietnam had it's spitting on soldiers moment, good job to whoever is responsible because you created a historical moment on par with that for today's veterans.

    • Reality II  

      What he said, that there are evil people out there trying to kill you, is truth, not racism.

      If, however, you believe that there's no problem in the world that can't be solved over a cup of coffee with an anthropology grad student in the Hungarian, then I can't help you.

  2. why do you think  

    why do you think anthropologists are your enemy? You do know that the United States armed services employ many anthropologists, right? And that one of their jobs (one that they are paid to do) is to try to help service men and women move beyond this "evil people trying to kill us" view. As it turns out, that perspective is not actually helping the military do its job. Or at least so says the top brass.

    • Observer  

      I believe the issue is not with anthropologists in general or their field of study, but with Columbia's Anthropology Department--whose graduate students and faculty have been among the most strident and partisan anti-ROTC voices on campus. Their positions, comments, and activism raise the impression that they are unable to accept ideas or opinions that do not conform to their worldview.

    • Anonymous

      so what sayeth you about the likes of kim jong il, adolph hitler, joseph stalin? probably you would say that their atrocities should be viewed in context, and in a certain sense you'd be right--but there's also something to be said for the point that sometimes a few rotten apples spoil the bunch. there ARE bad human beings out there, people with no regard for the lives of others who are devoted single-mindedly to their own warped worldviews. we have a military in order to defend ourselves against such individuals.

      now, it's all good to debate the nature of good vs. evil in the safety of your classrooms on an ivy league campus in a country that basically allows people to say whatever you wish. good and evil are not easy terms to define. but it's ludicrous and histrionic to smear a student as 'racist' merely for claiming that there are evil people in the world who want to wreak havoc. what's more, the willingness to cast a vicious label on someone merely for expressing an opinion runs entirely counter to the open-minded outlook that you purport to espouse.

      • Anonymous  

        "there ARE bad human beings out there, people with no regard for the lives of others who are devoted single-mindedly to their own warped worldviews."

        funny, people 'out there' say the same thing about the United States Govt.

  3. Anonymous  

    Looks like a pretty interesting comment was censored:


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