They’re Watching

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To those who studied in Butler 210 last night— you were being watched!

Silently observing your every move

The reason for filming is not nearly as sinister and panopticonny as it seems. A JSchooler was getting some stock footage for a documentary about a sober house built specifically for college students. She’s investigating what drives students to alcoholism, and plans to juxtapose the film of Butler monks with footage of binge drinking on St. Marks Place. Apparently, nothing says “I want to get wasted” like cracking some Rousseau and firing up the MacBook.

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  1. CC  

    We're on Burke/Paine now.

  2. ....  


  3. boh

    i thought consent was sexy?

  4. YES.

    I wonder who they caught posting on [email protected]!

  5. question  

    has that black lady who serves stir fry in ferris booth been rude to anyone? or is it just me...

  6. ...  

    hey wait! i was in there! and i didn't sign no release form!

  7. Anonymous  

    I've been drunk in the library before.

  8. Butlerian

    I was there last night..

  9. Bureaucratic Buzzkill

    I sure hope this person got permission from University Event Management and the Office of Communications and Public Affairs.

    • Anonymous  

      I'm surprised Columbia doesn't make you submit a form to the Office of Liquid Redistribution in order to drink from the water fountains, apply for a permit with the Office of Atmospheric Resource Management in order to breathe, and get licensed by the Lee Bollinger Memorial Toilet Authority in order to take a shit. I hate how you have to get permission for everything around here.

  10. Anonymous  

    for what it's worth, there was a camera in the big room on the 4th floor too

  11. This will be the most boring...

    ...porn ever.

  12. So that room isn''t  

    called Philosophy Library anymore? I spent many an overnight in there years ago.

  13. paranoid rousseau critic  

    serious: i was there the entire night with rousseau and macbook in tow. did bwog have access to this footage or something? i am not kidding.

  14. paranoid rousseau critic  

    oh wait nvm what up claire

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