Look Alive, The Prospies Have Arrived

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Flocks of prospective students clutter campus in celebration of Presidents’ Day. It’s rumored that the Undergraduate Recruitment¬†Committee¬†expects “mega tours” this week. Makes you feel sentimental, don’t it?

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  1. Anonymous  


  2. senior  

    thanks bwog, for your repeated reminders of how old i am.

  3. Columbia Gates Inscription  

    Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here

  4. Wait,  

    I remember going on tours and feeling like John Jay was the place for angels. Adoring the buildings... wishing I could just live on this campus... Watching all the students and wondering if they knew how lucky they were to get admission...

    And now it feels like regular.

  5. nah

    i still adore the buildings and look at students around me sometimes and wonder if they know how lukcy they are

  6. Anonymous

    Uhh, as someone who came to tour Columbia today, I do not appreciate my picture being pasted on the internet without my permission. I would like it if this picture were taken down, otherwise, there may be legal action.


    By the way, not all of these people are prospies. I was accepted ED and wanted to get another look at where I'll be spending the next 4 years.

  7. THAT'S why  

    it snowed this morning. Admissions, you've got all the power.

  8. !!  

    I really like everything about this thread of comments.

  9. Anonymous  

    i overheard one of the prospies asking who alfred lerner was. i've been going to the building for 3 1/2 years and i have no fucking clue!

  10. Lacking

    confidence? You must look damn bad in that picture to want it taken down....wondering which one you are - and thinking ED was a big mistake.

  11. GS'12

    I love the energy these kids and families bring to campus. This place is the fuckin' shit and, just like seeing someone buy a book that you've already read and love, you can't help but get a nostalgia boner when you see their eyes lighting up.

  12. Anon  

    I can't even describe the beautiful feeling of schadenfreude that I experience whenever I see those unlucky enough to still be going through college admissions.

    • yep

      I did too. "Never again standardized test scores, frantic searches for letters of rec, hours spent shoveling through department webpages from universities I've never even seen." Them came graduate school. The dream is over. It never was at all.

      • yepx2

        pretty much what i was about to say, except it doesn't stop there. i just finished (mostly) what i thought was the last time i would ever suffer through an admission cycle. but then i realized that after the applications for med school, i have the applications for internship/residency programs and applications for fellowships and the applications for jobs...

        and endless cycle of applications. life is just a time to apply for the next parts of life.

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