Bwoglines: 1984 Edition

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Big Brother: Fashion Plate

Columbia law professor Eben Moglen believes the Freedom Box, a small server meant for personal use, can keep the internet out from under the watchful eye of Big Brother. (NYT)

Winston Stephen A. Smith thinks Melo can catapult the Knicks back to relevance. Now they just have Jay-Z and the Nets to deal with, and Jay has been on a winning streak. (ESPN, HipHopDX)

In an effort to avoid letting years of history lapse from the world’s collective memory and disappear into a government-fueled inferno, designer Tahir Hemphill is compiling and making publicly available data on 40,000 hip-hop songs spanning three decades. (Wired)

“His dress sense was unpredictable and usually casual. . .David Astor described him as looking like a prep school master, while according to the Special Branch dossier, Orwell’s tendency of clothing himself ‘in Bohemian fashion’ revealed that the author was ‘a Communist’.” Behold the absurdities of Fashion Week. (Slate, Wikipedia)

“The thing that he was about to do was to open a diary.” The diaries George Orwell kept in 1936 and subsequently used in writing The Road to Wigan Pier are being published online 75 years later to the day.

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