High Police Presence Only a Drill

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Bwog received a tip this morning noting unusually high police presence outside of Barnard at 116th and Broadway–inlcuding police dogs and armed officers. Upon visiting the scene, Bwog learned that the city had run an anti-terror drill. Police arrived at the 116th street subway as if responding to a bomb threat. The University is not notified of such drills ahead of time.

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    Bwog, get on this:

    I say good riddance, i dont see why they were given access in the first place or why they even get columbia emails

    it bs that they need @columbia.edu emails to access courseworks, all cuit has to do is add barnard email addresses to give them access

  2. also  

    PD presence in CEPSR 2nd floor rumored death?

  3. Van Owen

    I thought another Columbia drug bust was going down. Too bad the Columbia 5 didn't get a chance to join ROTC, maybe David would have been able to pay his tuition.

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