Bwoglines: We Were Here First Edition

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This is above a mouse's dignity, and at about ours.

Some freshmen students have organized a Facebook event with the goal of winning a free concert from Snoop Dogg.  The school with the most votes on March 14th wins.  Facebook users can vote once a day here.

Blogs are on the wane as young people rely increasingly on social networking. (NYT)

Stanford, Cornell and Purdue want to build campuses in NYC, and plan to submit proposal response to Bloomberg’s call for universities to come.  Ha. (Washington Square News)

Bloomberg wants to put QR Codes on all building permits. (TechCrunch)

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  1. Dear Columbia Left,  

    You have failed. If you had all just stuck to one coherent argument against ROTC, such as that it discriminates against transgendered people, you may not have won but at least people would respect you. But no, you had to go and shout things impulsively that implied a reckless hatred for the military. Now everyone who opposes ROTC, including myself, looks like an idiot. Good work.

  2. 7th place!  

    keep voting guys! do it for snooop

  3. Snoop  

    We are currently in 5th place. Feel free to post another article on bwog to help us win this!

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