A Tiny and Adorable Preamble to Midterms

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The next few weeks will be full of essays (humanities people), textbook cramming/rapid calculator movement (SEAS), and Butler Bingo (procrastinators) as midterms fast approach. But before  the 209 camping begins, we’ll try to make you smile by showing you some images of tiny and adorable children we’ve spotted around Morningside Heights.

What's smaller than a freshman, reads more books outside of CU buildings than a philosophy major, and needs a stepladder to get down?

A novel sight: balloons being played with, not for the purpose of a Chem lecture demonstration.

Grocery shopping can be stressful when you have an entire tiny cart to fill!

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  1. the first picture  

    made my DAY lol!

  2. um...  

    So, Bwog, you followed children around and took pictures of them when they weren't looking? And then put them on the internet? For the pleasure of anonymous people?

  3. this made my day  

    I went to bed so late doing hw after going to the varsity show thingy (which was AMAZING btw) and I got up early for class. I was cranky. I saw this. I got happy.

  4. Damn you Bwog

    How dare you melt my ice-cold heart with adorable pictures. How am I going to keep up my anti-social and misanthropic personality if you are making me giggle in Butler? DAMN YOU



  6. What

    grocery store is that?

  7. please  

    make babies on campus pictures a weekly occurrence.

  8. This  

    is creepy. Please, Bwog, don't encourage pedophiles...

  9. Omg Bwog  

    I love you for this.

  10. Tablet

    Thanks for covering our balloon stunt!

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