Free Chipotle on Facebook

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They could make it more difficult. You could not have fingers.

What can’t Facebook do? It helped protesters organize in Egypt, it’s telling us we could win a Snoop Dogg concert (we’re in 5th place!), and now we’re getting free chipotle. NBC trying to build social-networking hype for their new show America’s Next Great Restaurant by offering free Chipotle “Buy One, Get One Free” coupons (apparently Chipotle was America’s last great restaurant) to anyone willing to watch a promotional video on Facebook. The internet is weird.

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  1. Infinite coupons  

    Just delete cookies (or just the ones that say coupon in them) and watch the video again for INFINITE COUPONS! See how much chipotle you can eat until march 3rd.

  2. yes!

    Printed out a handful of coupons. They all have the same code though, think they'll notice?

  3. seriously?  

    "What can’t Facebook can’t do?" - really?

  4. why why why  

    the link doesn't work?! what kind of sick hoax is this?

  5. Anonymous  

    damn facebook has made the line at Chipotle go from tolerable to unacceptably ridiculous. I gave up and went to Taqueria instead.

  6. Tha Bawse  

    Buy one get 1 = Not as good as Tenka (when they have a deal in this area)

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