Overheard: Meh Edition

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The weather sux. Life is dull. Remember the good ol’ days when life was carefree? Let’s commiserate together! Hit play on this next video, read on, and just… think about life.

“I’m almost at where I want to be philosophically… and did I tell you she called me?”

“Sometimes when your blood sugar is low, it’s hard to figure out what to do in life.”

“My friend started doing drugs after reading this text… I hope this doesn’t have the same effect on you.”

“I can’t go to happy hour on Thursday anymore without getting pretty drunk.”

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  1. le sigh  

    \When you're blood sugar is low?\ Bwog editing fail. (Again.)

  2. The Simpsons

    Coined the word "meh."

  3. Anonymous  

    Phoenix Wright has such good music.

  4. Anonymous

    But why can't we bring back ROTC?

  5. Anonymous  

    The rain on this version is too heavy. Don't forget to add the crackling fireplace!

  6. I almost  

    did a double take when I saw Phoenix Wright music on BWOG.

  7. Seriously bwog

    What the hell is this about? Talk about interesting things like what seniors are doing about the no exclusion suite situation or what we can do to get that snoop dogg concert.

    I don't give a damn about Phoenix Wright. Just my opinion.

    Vote this down only if you truly think this is news.

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