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Found in Pupin 424. Bwog has no idea why these lovely verse were written, but we’re certainly having fun trying to guess. Leave us your ideas in the comments!

  • Friendly professorial advice: “These are different ways of telling your professor why you didn’t finish your paper on time. Which is the only style you’d get marginal respect for using?”
  • A misbehaving student punished with writing lines gets a little creative.
  • Odysseus’ excuses to Penelope for taking so long to get back to Ithaca.
  • An exercise in meter, as analyzed by Bwog’s Saturday Scansion Expert Matthew Schantz: “The top one is in a Browningesque sloppy trochaic something (5 beat/three beat); the middle one doesn’t seem to have any verse, but the two lines have 8 syllables; the bottom one is in 4-beat accentual verse, and the one on the right is just plain silly.”

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  1. Anonymous

    this was the opening to my lit hum class's lesson on The Decameron, and Bocaccio's way with phrasing. (for example, "the devil being put back into hell."

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