Bwoglines: Falling Apart Edition

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How's it hangin'?

Finding out who won last night’s Oscars is interesting and all, but ogling who crashed and burned is a blast. (USMagazine, E!, Fox)

In upstate New York a “Cold-War era plane with a dragon’s face painted on its nose” crashed into the Hudson. Bwog continues to remind you to neither swim in nor pilot your antiques into the Hudson. (NYTimes)

Scientists have discovered an “exotic superfluid” in the core of the collapsed star Cassiopia A. (Wired)

The interim prime minister of Tunisia Mohammed Ghannouchi has resigned under pressure from protestors. Meanwhile, the UN declared a humanitarian emergency as thousands of Libyan refuges seek refuge in Tunisia. (BBC, ABC, LATimes)

Fallen bridges via wikimedia.

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  1. copy editor

    Ogling. One 'o.' Thanks.

  2. Libya

    While the Oscars were going on and everyone was consumed with red carpet fashion, President Obama ordered a repositioning of US Forces around Libya, troops will be one order away from occupying Libya. Just great, we went from uni-lateral preemptive wars under Bush, to wars disguised under "humanitarian" efforts with Obama. The FPI is playing God once again, what's the difference between a war on terror and one on the basis of humanitarian efforts, when the underlying reason is the Oil under the peoples feet? Absolutely nothing, same game different name.

  3. Anonymous  

    "Cold-War era" is one of the worst descriptive phrases ever...

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