ESC: In Which Don Draper Wins An iPod

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Mad Men

Sean Zimmermann reports from last night’s meeting:

  • President Christopher Elizondo announced that a proposal to allow students to sign in guests electronically is under review by public safety. Elizondo reports a pilot system may be installed in EC as early as this semester.
  • According to Student Services Representative Lisa Mack, dining is considering closing Cafe 212 at 10 p.m. and extending Butler Cafe’s hours until 1 a.m. If adopted, the change would go into effect next semester. Mack reports it is unlikely Carlton will be able to incorporate Dinosaur BBQ into its offerings. President Elizondo added ominously, “it’s not over yet.”
  • Junior Class Representative Nate Levick announced that this year’s Casino Night will be Mad Men themed. Expect fancy giveaways like PS3s, computers, and iPod Touches!

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  1. Urgh.

    i'm trying to remember a large-scale theme party in the last two years that wasn't Mad Men themed. It's like the new "Pimps & hos" of the early 2000s. Can we just move on to something even remotely original? A Breaking Bad party?

  2. Mad Men  

    is the shit. So, STFU.

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