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Hey there, CC 2013, how’s it going? That’s good, glad to hear it. Do you know what your major is? Because major declaration is today, that’s why. Really, major declaration is today. Deep breaths, all you have to do is pick a major. Just open up the course bulletin to a random page and see what department you land on. Too much math? Fine, try again. Too much writing? One more time can’t hurt. Not enough writing? Seriously? Stop being so picky—just head over to the steps and yell about it.

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  1. 2013  

    The site won't let me select that I'm planning to go to law school (I believe this makes your final transcript have a 'Pre-Law' designation)? Every time I check 'yes' it displays 'no' on the confirmation page. Anyone else having this problem?

  2. Anonymous

    Same for pre-med. I'm waiting until someone else complains to their advisor to fix it.

  3. Anonymous

    Select yes. Then the confirmation page will say no. Ignore that, hit 'YES" to confirm. Your email confirming submission will contain information about whichever you selected yes for. It seems the system is working fine, there's just a glitch in the confirmation page.

  4. Anonymous  

    Way to be proactive. I definitely want you to be my doctor.

  5. yooooo  

    what the hell is with these tags?

  6. Bwog

    how do you post that amazing song without posting the ever-more amazing NSFAnywhere Music Video???

  7. whoever

    wrote this post, you are mad funny.

  8. Anonymous  

    attend columbia college
    [insert insanity wolf here]
    major in computer science

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