Bwoglines: It’s a Mad Mad World Edition

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Is this puppy napping or just overwhelmed?

President Obama announced the 2010 National Humanities Medals yesterday. One was awarded to our very own Jacques Barzun. (Chronicle of Higher Education)

NYC is planning a bike-share program of 10,000 bikes at 600 stations by 2012. And supposedly they’ll turn a profit!  (Your Olive Branch)

Qaddafi gave a speech denouncing rebels as terrorists and repeating, “It is the people who rule.” (NYT)

See an imagined scene from Two and a Half Men, composed of Charlies Sheen’s different interview rants. (Slate)

Prince didn’t pay $700k in legal fees, now he’s getting sued. (International Business Times)

Wise words: tis better to stop the cycle of self-hate and take it easy… (NYTimes)

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  1. Stephen Snowder  

    Hey Bwog, I don't mean to be a stick in the mud but I wish you weren't giving advertising space to a payday loan company. Those companies, pretty much without exception, exploit the poor and people in bad financial situations and charge obscene interest rates, often getting the people who take those loans into more trouble than they'd been in in the first place. I know you have to pay the bills but there has got to be a better way.

  2. dear bwog,  

    Is there any way for the mobile theme that is used by default on mobile devices to show the thumbs up/thumbs down feature of the comments?

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