Look Foxy! Fox News Is Filming Outside Gates

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At this very moment, Fox News is chillin’ outside the 116th and Broadway gates, reportedly asking questions about ROTC.

According to a Bwogger on the scene, a student shaking hands with the reporter said something to the effect of “I’m a conservative,” to which the reporter replied, “That’s great, I didn’t expect to find any of you here.”

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  1. .....  


  2. I'm close-minded.  

    That's great! I didn't expect to find any of you here.

  3. Anonymous  

    The hand shaker looks like Learned?

  4. This post

    would be useful if it gave ANY sense of what they were interviewing students about. Even if it is ROTC stuff.

  5. Anonymous

    Fox news sucks. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't pretend to be "fair and balanced." They should just embrace the fact that they're right-wing crazies who will do anything to make liberal or moderate-leaning figures and institutions look bad. If this means supporting the Tea Party and bashing union protesters in Wisconsin, they'll do it. They're the only news vehicle out there who's snarkier than Bwog.

  6. This reporter  

    is Jesse Watters, he's one of Bill O'Reilly's producers. So expect this clip to be on the O'Reilly Factor later tonight.

  7. Dude  

    In general, all the cable news shows can go fuck themselves. If something really matter to you, go read the source material. I don't want anyone's opinion, I want fucking facts so I can think for myself

  8. Anonymous

    Those are some big pictures.

  9. On the bright side...  

    there is a chance these bwog comments will end up in tonight's rant

  10. My hypothesis  

    I feel like if you poked the typical fox news reporter with a pin he'd bleed a sludge of black primordial ooze until he was nothing but an empty skin suit lying flat on the ground.

    So one do it to see if my theory's correct!

  11. Anonymous  

    is that a black guy working for fox?
    goes to show rent is too damn high

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