Free Food, Sikh Style

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Looks scrumptious!

Head over to Lerner Satow Room at 1 pm to participate in a traditional Sikh langar and enjoy a delicious, free Indian meal, all hosted by the Sikh Students Association! As displayed to your right, gulab jamun shall be served! And where there’s gulab jamun (wonderfully fried balls of dough floating in rosewater-flavored sugar syrup), there’s always fun to be had.

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  1. WHY  

    must you make me turn my head weird angles?!?!

  2. everyone go!!  

    There is TONS of food left and we don't want any to go to waste! Plus, it's super delicious!

  3. was really good  

    ... and I learned a lot, and had a nice conversation. Cool [lentil] beans.

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