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Since its creation, Bwog has been notoriously light on sports coverage, mostly because the majority of us know nothing about them. Still, every now and then, even we can’t help but get caught up in all the sporting excitement. After Friday evening’s double-overtime men’s basketball game against Yale, Bwog daily editor Sameea Butt was inspired to write this completely sports jargon-free post.

Over the course of two hours last night, Levien Gym saw Lions fans jump up from their seats in awe as they tied with Yale in the last seconds of the game—not once, but twice. It was a night that witnessed the otherwise impartial management working the basketball game leap from their seats as the game went into overtime.  A night that saw Columbia fans cheer for Zack Crimmins and chant “Bri-an Bar-bour” as he retired for the night after having scored every one of his eight free throws.  ‘Twas a night that beheld an unusually feisty crowd, screaming at the referee (“What are you looking for, the bathroom!?”), professing their devotion to the team (“Number 10, I love you!”), and jeering during every Yale free throw.

Yeah, we didn’t win—the score was 87-81—but as the nerves, jittery legs and flushed faces will attest, school spirit is alive and well at Columbia.

The last game of the season is today at 7 pm in Levien Gym. Come for the last chance to support the men’s team this season against Brown!

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  1. Anonymous

    Notice the lack of comments about Columbia sports

  2. it was a good game  

    i liked it

  3. looove  

    sameea butt -- so fine!

  4. Anonymous

    People do know there are other sports at Columbia besides basketball, right? Sports that actually win?

  5. !!!  

    This crock of shit, and no post on the results from Ivy League Swimming Championships?

    Pathetic, Bwog. Just pathetic.

  6. Sameea  (Bwog Staff)

    Bwog Sports is actually shaped by our staffers' federal work study jobs. No discrimination intended, promise!

    • Claire  (Bwog Staff)  

      But if you wanna talk/write sports, e-mail us at [email protected]!

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