Arrest on College Walk

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A tipster reports that Public Safety just made an arrest on College Walk. They saw six officers chase down a man on Low Plaza, handcuff him, and escort him into Low. Another bystander said they overheard the officers saying he had stolen a bike. There appeared to be no bike nearby.

We’ve contacted Public Safety, so check back for updates.

Update 3:06 PM:

In an email Vice President of Public Safety Jim McShane gave us the following information regarding this afternoon’s arrests:

There was an arrest made this afternoon of a known bike thief who was persona non grata on campus as a result of prior incidents, including at least one where he was arrested for stealing a bike. In the course of the arrest, three personnel from Public Safety received injuries. The specific charges are yet to be fully determined. That is all I have at this time.

NYPD and FDNY parked on College Walk.


  1. Guess

    his free wheeling days are over!

  2. Charlie Sheen

    I'm not Bi-cycle, I'm Bi-winning.

  3. Latin  

    persona non grata not on grata

  4. Three Injuries?  

    Did they trip on the bricks on College Walk?

  5. JUSTICE  


  6. Anonymous  

    I've seen this sort of stuff in the movies, but never thought it would happen in real life!-


    is serious shit. ya'll even got public safety involved.

  8. ...  

    interesting. i was unaware that private security forces could detain in new york state... i wonder what the law is...

  9. Twitch  

    they should lose their housing. every freshman dorm. they were in the same quad as a suspected criminal.

  10. Van Owen

    Sometimes I like to run from myself.

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