Bwoglines: Startling Discoveries Edition

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Let's hope it's not up to the Spicy Detective to get to the bottom of this.

Murder: A man was shot and killed yesterday morning on Columbus and 109th street in front of NoCo Lounge. (Spectator)

Oil: In response to rising oil prices due to recent activity in the Middle East, Obama is considering tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. (NYTimes)

Housing: One woman discovered a way to get an apartment on the Upper West Side for $99 a week. (Gawker)

Aliens: A NASA scientist claims he discovered extraterrestrial fossilized bacteria on several meteorites! Some call bluff. (Reuters, Gawker)

Sex: A recent study by the National Center for Health Statistics reports that teens and young adults are having less sex. (USAToday)

Joy: Gallup compiled a statistical profile of the happiness in America. The Times found someone who fit the bill, uncovering the (theoretically) happiest man in America. (NYTimes)

Tangy justice via Wikimedia.

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  1. If you aren't

    A teen mom by now, chances are you will never be.

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