A Post of Dubious Necessity

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Bwog will allow the words of Internet Video Gal to stand in place of original text:

So what do online video viewers want? Judging by what is most popular on You Tube, CUTE is always a winner. Some of the most popular videos on You Tube are totally insignificant except for one obvious attribute. THEY ARE CUTE! Usually, the cuteness centers around animals or babies. Baby animals pack a double whammy!

People love to ohhhh and awww. Cute animals are universally loved! Show me someone who does not love a cute baby animal and I will show you a curmudgeon with no friends!

Back when I worked in TV news, we used to constantly laugh about this. Here we were trying to do serious, intellectual stuff but our serious efforts got beat out by CUTE ANIMALS every time!

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  1. Anonymous  

    My uncle used to have one of these. It was mean.

  2. this video  

    isn't even that cute...

  3. Anonymous  

    needs moar kitten

  4. tags

    win. funnier than the video

  5. ban frats on campus!  

    this is a post of complete necessity. midterms are horrible and this puppy is cute. frats are not cute.

  6. 38 seconds  

    was NOT a bit much. More! More! More!

  7. LOVE him!!

    That's Charlie at Book Culture!!!!! He makes my day!

  8. but...  

    it doesn't DO anything! can we have some requisite cuteness that does something?

  9. cc'11  

    that's the dog from Book Culture!!!! how appropriate :)

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