Feel Like You’re 10 Again, Courtesy of CCSC

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Happening right now on the Lerner Ramps, CCSC is giving away free grilled cheese, Capri Sun, and Reeses and other candy as part of their “Recess with Reeses” study break. Apparently, this is what you kids ate all the time in elementary school. This and tomato surprise:

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  1. the economy

    we are in a recess-ion

  2. Huh  

    "you kids" ? Did Bwog not have a childhood?


  3. eatin ma reeses  

    likin life right now.

    shut up, Huh, bwog rocks my socks

  4. Anonymous  

    spotted- who was giving out reeses in 209?

  5. Nostalgia > Studying  

    Daaaamn, Bwog. First, your articles took a turn for the awesome, and now, you post the cartoon that made Saturday mornings. My heart, Bwog. It's yours.

  6. Toon Aficianado  

    6.5/10 episode

    come on bwog pick the ol' rusty episode, or the one where spinelli becomes queen of the kindergarteners

  7. ....  

    midterms are a nefarious degas.

  8. Ashley A.  


  9. RECESS  

    Elementary School morning schedule:

    Wake up
    Watch Recess
    Get ready
    Eat breakfast while watching more Recess or Young Tarzan
    Go to school late almost every day
    Worth it.

    College morning schedule

    Wake up
    Get ready
    Eat breakfast while watching Recess
    Go to class late every day
    Still worth it.

  10. Hey  

    Bwog, are you awake? I am. Keep me company?

  11. the kid with the red hat  

    reminds me of ryan mandelbaum.

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