BoardHop: Definitely the Beast

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There are artists among us! This amazing combination of the Beast, a stick-figure and a strange fellow in the top corner. Be like the Beast, and tell your midterms, “CHALLENGE DENIED.”

Can anybody make sense of this? Tell us in the comments!

Tableau Columbia by Daniel Sims SEAS ’13

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  1. I get part of it...  

    The "Challenge denied" is supposed to be the opposite of "Challenge Accepted" guy who crosses his arm and tilts his head up. also known to say "F*** Yeah" or "Close Enough"

    • What?  

      What if the challenge was to draw the antagonist to the "challenge accepted" guy, but the artist answered with "challenge denied" guy. HE THEREFORE ACCEPTED THE CHALLENGE. Covert challenge accepted guy ftw.

  2. Well, this is clearly...

    ... a recreation of the Miami Heat "Big Three." you have LeBron as the Beast telling people he doesn't care if he keeps missing the game winning shot (he wants the ball in his hands no matter what). You have Bosh in the upper-left corner telling everyone not to cry, while barely holding back the tears himself. The last dude must then be Wade, drawn as a stick figure person. Knowing what challenge he's denying eludes me though...

    • As the "artist"... guys are looking way too hard into these pictures! I just needed to kill some time so my brain could refresh itself.

      (And little dude next to the Beast is crying over a dropped ice cream cone. Just felt the Bwog community deserved to know!)

  3. Looks like you got yourself...  

    a fucking BTARD infestation.

  4. Anonymous  

    Oh, Internet. You so conducive to the memetic spread of information.

  5. Anonymous  

    Hartley 8 woo

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