Drinking with Bwog: Spring Break Edition

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Now that Spring Break is finally here, you should probably stop thinking about alcohol like this.

For most of you, midterms are now over, and spring break is finally here (our sincerest apologies to anyone who’s still working. ¡Sí se puede!). This week’s Drinking with Bwog will show you the perfect drink to take the edge off of what we’re sure has been a rough week. Read on as the Columbia Bartending Agency‘s mixology master David Shiovitz teaches you how to make a Limoncillo.

In honor of spring break (we’re this close!),  you might want an easy, tasty, and potent way to get your party started, whether it be on the beach or here on campus. Cue the Limoncillo. This recipe is deliciously refreshing and perfect for a group.


  • 3/4 gallon water
  • 2-3 packets Crystal Light® lemonade mix (depending on how sweet you want your drinks)
  • 1 liter white rum


Start with a 1-gallon bottle of water. Empty out ¼ of the water and add in the lemonade mix and the light rum. With the cap held tightly closed, give it a few good shakes to make sure everything is mixed and dissolved. Serve on ice.

We’d tell you to drink this responsibly, but who are we kidding? It’s spring break! Live it up, friends.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. huh  

    that is a ghetto ass limoncello

  2. drunk after midterms

    FAIL at keeping your units consistent. If ur gonna want to put a liter of rum into a gallon jug after removing 1/4 of the water you WILL have at least .8 L of your rum overflowing out. that is a waste of 2 standard shots!

  3. Anonymous  

    ^that alcohol was on my orgo exam this morning

  4. Anonymous  

    I'm pretty sure drinking crystal light will shrink your testicles.

  5. I'M DRUNK  


  6. Anonymous

    that's definitely a propenol molecule not ethanol...

  7. anon

    this shit is the bomb. and its fuck cheap.

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