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A musically-inclined engineer apparently decided that José’s modeling tutorial podcasts needed some spice. In the infamous Gateway class, SEAS kids endure these things to learn how to use 3D computer modeling programs. And what better way to make any audio recording infinitely times more listenable than by injecting it with a strong dose of Kanye Daft Punk?

A little bit of audio splicing and a lotta “Stronger” later, this is the result. We’re not sure if it will make your Maya skills any sexier, but it will leave you zooming in and out for the rest of the day.

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  1. Anonymous  

    It's actually called harder better faster stronger.

  2. wow  

    who made this? this is great.

  3. Haha  

    I am so glad the rest of school will be exposed this gem!

  4. Anonymous  

    This is amazing!

  5. hmmmm  

    nice curvature there!

  6. Let's get this to go viral  

    Let's submit to digg, reddit and all the other social media sites. Post the links as a reply to this and we will vote for it.

  7. HAHAHA  

    this is awesome. does jose know about it?

  8. Anonymouse  

    Actually no, its called Stronger, the Kanye song which samples Harder Better Faster Stronger.

  9. Anonymous

    A friend of an alumni of FSAE made it.

  10. so  

    chelsea, you know you want that. can't stay off your to do list forever!

  11. I see you kid!  

    My friend made this. I'm so proud of him! I would say your name but I don't want to the haters to rain on it.

  12. Anonymous  

    This just made Gateway worthwhile

  13. Arjun Roy

    Having taken Gateway, I'd say Jose was one of the best parts by far about that class.

    Talk to any engineer. They'll confirm his baller status.

  14. Deja Vu  

    All over again. "Stronger" had come out 2 months before I took Gateway and I remember playing it on my Walkman while working on this. Say, do you kids remember Smurfs? Christ, I'm old.

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