University Encourages Students to Leave Japan

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The following update was posted on the University homepage today:

The University has been following developments in Japan closely. The 35 Columbians we are aware of who are still in the country—and the 33 affiliates in the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies program—are safe and accounted for, but conditions continue to change and remain highly unpredictable. Given the ongoing uncertainty about how events will unfold as Japan responds to the situation in the affected areas, or whether the potential health risk may increase elsewhere, we believe it is prudent for students to make arrangements to leave Japan at this time.
The University has reached out to students and is providing travel assistance to those who request it.



  1. Anonymous

    anyone know when graduation will be this year? need to get out of this place asap.

  2. Paul Barndt

    I was in Tokyo until Wednesday, when I was told by my bosses to decamp to southwest Japan, and now I'm getting out of the country tomorrow from Hiroshima Airport.

    I felt very safe where I was in the southwest, and I believe it's safe even in Tokyo, but my family and (American) employers are feeling the same thing as Columbia--better safe than sorry.

  3. suckas

    not the year to be studying abroad...

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