Nate Levick Is Your New ESC President

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New ESC President Levick and VP Policy Donovan

Ricky Raudales reports live from ESC!

Nate Levick will be president of Engineering Student Council for the year 2011-2012. A member of Sigma Phi Epsilon and the lacrosse team, Levick has also helped organize Casino Night and the upcoming 2012 Formal. He announced that he wants to build upon “rockstar” mentality of previous president Whitney Green (’09-’10) to create a more visible presence on campus, while still maintaining a “family” sense of community amongst council members.

He promises to tailor a way of reaching undergraduates with information (through CCE) that is more specific to undergraduates and particular class years. Hopefully this will mean better advice than occasionally “throwing out a full-time Ph.D. job offer.”

The rest of the E-board candidates as they currently stand:

President – Spencer Almen. Now that Nate is elected he may drop down and run for a VP position.
VP Policy – Logan Donovan
VP Intergroup – Siddhant Bhatt, Jim Huang, Frank Yin
VP Student Life – Sheila Misheni
VP Internal – Audry Padgett

Updates after the jump

Update (11:17 PM): Spencer Almen will run for VP Policy

Update (11:50 PM): After a tie in the first election for VP Policy, second election called. It’s gonna be a long night.

Update (12:27 AM): Logan Donovan elected VP Policy after two tied votes. Logan has served previously as the council’s Alumni Affairs and Professional Development representative, and she pledged to increase interaction with CCSC, partially by working together on the Good Samaritan policy. (You may also recognize Logan from somewhere!)

Update (1:10 AM): VP Student Life position not filled – too many members of council abstained during the vote and council was not able to get a majority. Council decided to continue debate on Sheila Misheni’s candidacy and hold another vote next week. Sheila spoke from experience on the student life committee, and argued that the council needed to be more aggressive in advertising, and provide better incentives for attendance (let it rain free foods, we say.) She also hopes to coordinate events with current on-campus engineering groups.

Elections for VP Internal and VP Intergroup postponed until next week’s meeting (as Lerner is closing).

Sean Zimmermann contributed to reporting

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  1. Ummm

    I'm pretty sure his name is Nate Levick, not Nick.

  2. Anonymous  

    yay for another undemocratic ESC internal elections!

  3. Alex

    I heard Nate could bench press and Audi station wagon. And for dinner he can eat a whole herd of goats.

  4. Anonymous

    Love you bwog, you do what you do,

    But WHO CARES?!? student government sucks.

  5. Anonymous  

    i didn't vote for them

    • Anonymous  

      thats cause you can't vote. constituents can't vote in ESC elections

      • Anonymous  

        I've mentioned this before, but if you actually care, you should run (VP Policy was uncontested), or at the very least make your grievance known at a meeting.

        People constantly complain about ESC's internal elections, but there were uncontested elections (and you don't need to be on council to run). Additionally, the only people at the meeting tonight were Spec and Bwog reporters. So, if people don't even bother coming to the meetings, then why does it matter if they vote or not.

        • Anonymous  

          u make it sound like anything can actually be done about it. this was an issue back in the day, it was decided that to rewrite the constitution required 2/3rds of the student body to vote and since barely 20% of the student body votes in any election, referendum or campus survey anyway, ESC refused to acknowledge the results of the people who did vote (and they voted against internal elections) and so we are stuck with this undemocratic abomination till doomsday. if ESC is ready to change their attitude then we'll talk. but for god sake please stop pretending that this grievance has never been aired.

          • Anonymous  

            That vote took place years ago. The issue has not been brought up with the current council (or with the previous council, I believe). Let's be fair - it's not the current ESC's fault for the rules set by their predecessor, particularly when, again, no one comes to the meetings and says why they should be changed.

  6. Anonymous  

    Question: does our student council get paid?

  7. HEY ESC

    now that elections are almost over, can you please update the CU Assassins kills?

  8. esc = escape

    Spencer, leave now while you still can!

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