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Moving Forward

Competition for space on New York City pavement is fierce. Pedestrians, motorists, cyclists, skaters, taxis, horses, hovercraft, etc. all vie for a spot on crowded roads. Now you can learn all you ever wanted to know about the current controversy over the city’s bike lanes—and more! “Whipping down the street, completely protected from the cars zooming by just a few feet away, may be the closest any New Yorker comes to flying.” (NY Mag)

Some have bemoaned the end of long-form journalism, the shortening of attention spans, and rise of 140 character journalism. Some have not given up the fight. David Remnick, Ira Glass, and a handful of others dedicated to the craft, which one called “almost entirely a bungee jump,” commiserated and planned for the future. (Capital)

In what New York calls a “Hipstivus Miracle,” Gilroy Field in Brooklyn’s McCarren Park will remain open through the summer thanks to a change in the maintenance schedule. The Brooklyn Kickball League (Kickin’ It Since ’03), along with two high school baseball teams, will keep its precious field space. (Brooklyn Paper)

HIV has perplexed researchers for decades, but a new “virus of a virus” may provide a method for curbing its rapid spread. Computer models predict that its implementation could dramatically reduce the prevalence of HIV, even in countries where it is widespread, although for now the benefits remain hypothetical. (Wired)

Controversy over the proposed “Boathouse Marsh” in Inwood continues. (Spec)

While you were on Spring Break, there was this big basketball tournament. Actually, it’s still happening. There are sixteen teams left. It’s the Sweet Sixteen. Sports, they’re fun.

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