Hello New SGB Board!

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A board room (not in Earl Hall though.)

A hearty congrats to the new Student Governing Board e-board and reps, elected at this evening’s town hall. These are the guys that will approve funding for your activities that are “religious, spiritual, political, ideological, humanitarian, or activist in nature.”

Chair: Barry Weinberg
Vice-Chair : Daniel Bonner
Treasurer: Alex Pae
Secretary: Chloe Ruan

Danielle Arje
Maryam Aziz
Leah Greenstein
John Morgan
Natalee Rivera
Amirah Sequeira
Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein

Congratulations also to two newly recognized groups: Plateau Engage and 4Local.

Decision making locale via Wikimedia

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  1. Anonymous

    4Local? Are they fighting the good fight to bring back 4Loko?

  2. Anonymous

    Congrats to 4local!! Where have you guys disappeared off to on mondays??? I MISS MY FOOD

  3. Anonymous

    what groups are these people from?

    • council geekette

      Chair: Barry Weinberg (SGB, EAAH, Committee on the Core, CCSC Policy Committee, water polo)
      Vice-Chair: Daniel Bonner (SGB, Hillel, Yavneh)
      Treasurer: Alex Pae (KSA, UChange)
      Secretary: Chloe Ruan (ABC, Columbia Science Review)

      Danielle Arje (Hillel)
      Maryam Aziz (SGB, Muslim Students Association)
      Leah Greenstein (Hillel, Interfaith Collection)
      John Morgan (SGB, Latter Day Saints Students Association)
      Natalee Rivera (STRIVE)
      Amirah Sequeira (SGB, Student Global AIDS Campaign)
      Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein (Democrats, Campus Camp Wellstone, SSDP)

  4. I looove

    the "Eat, Pray, Love" tag Bwog!!! Just like the star-studded film, SGB is complete bull!

  5. Worth Noting  

    that 4local was NOT recommended for recognition by sgb, which means that 2/3 of the club representatives in attendance chose to vote in favor of them. (The only successful non-recommended group.) GREAT work guys!

  6. curious

    I heard from a board mbr that there were 4 newly recognized groups; was that incorrect? How many groups requested recognition? And what were their names?

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