It’s Friday, Friday

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This video rapidly rose to fame. Now there is at least one flyer capitalizing on its success. Fun, fun, think about fun…you know what it is!

Sittin' in the back seat/ Gotta make up my mind/ Which seat can I take?

What hath Rebecca Black wrought?!

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  1. Anonymous  


  2. The only seat

    she can have in my car is the trunk.

  3. sigma nu groupie  

    I LOVE SIGMA NU ALL THE GUYS IN THE FRAT ARE SUCH SWEETHEARTS ! yay everyone come out to support their event!

  4. Dear Bwog,  

    You caught me in such a susceptible state–my heart still quite sore from spring break departing with nothing more than a kiss on the cheek–that I quickly jumped to the conclusion that the sweet weekend is here! I skipped outside to discover that it is only her, the ugly brute called Tuesday. Oh how I wish my eyes fell upon the delicate figure of the weekend! Bwog, I concede, you win this time. But do not take me for a fool, I will come roaring back with vengeance. Do not count me out!

  5. Rebecca Black  


    I'll be at Sigma Nu!


  6. Anonymous  

    so sick of this joke

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