SGA: Student Health Updates, Allergy-Ridden Rejoice

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Zoe Camp reports:

  • Brenda Slade and Susan Quinby, of Student Health Services and Disability Services, respectively, paid SGA a visit. They brainstormed ideas for future projects like Well Women events (with massage chairs!) and a mentoring program pairing incoming students with Juniors and Seniors. They announced that Disability Services, in conjunction with Dining Services, plans to improve food labeling over the summer so that students with food allergies will be able to make mealtime decisions without any doubts. They also reminded students to call CU EMS Barnard Public Safety, who will then call CU EMS, rather than 911, in case of an emergency. 911 is more expensive, may not be able to reach certain locations on campus, and deprives the city of an ambulance that CU EMS can provide.
  • At 7:30 tonight in the Satow Room, the HPV Club will host a discussion on campus sexual health. A doctor, Columbia’s Wellness Director, and a doctoral student studying HPV will offer their medical, scientific and personal perspectives.
  • There will be a town hall on March 28, from 6–8 p.m. in the Diana Event Oval. Topic TBD, but they might discuss alumnae giving.
  • Expect a Student Health Club mixer in April.

Also, elections are just around the corner!

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    Thank you thank you thank you! As a Celiac sufferer (allergic to gluten/wheat), eating on campus is pretty much impossible as nothing is properly labeled. I still may not be able to eat anything here but at least I'll know for sure and will be afforded the ability to make the decision.

    Seriously excited about this!

    • Wait.

      Sufferer? Really? How coddled are we to suggest that someone with an inconvenient dietary restriction needs the labelling of all foods reorganized to meet their precious little snowflake standards?

      We need Dwight Schrute to come in here regulate.

    • Yeah  

      I generally agree (another Celiac SUFFERER here), but for me the problem kind of overtakes just the labeling.

      Labeling is wonderful, but what I'd really appreciate is prevention of cross contamination. Just the other week I saw someone use the same serving spoon for macaroni and cheese, as for the gluten-free, vegan vegetable dish along the line. It doesn't matter how well things are labeled, if nobody pays attention to what people do to the dishes once they're on the line (and that can cause a lot of people with all sorts of allergies to become very ill)

  2. Anonymous  

    these girls are hot

  3. What is...  

    What is the number for CU EMS?

  4. Anonymous  

    the columbia one is 212-854-5555, not sure if barnard's is the same.

  5. hm

    why is sga all women? i smell a conspiracy

  6. Anonymous

    more importantly, why does hpv have a club?

    • Anonymous  

      im baffled as to why it took someone so long to bring that up. thats a topic for an entire post Bwog. one thats actually interesting. like and HPV club?? really??!

  7. this is a joke  

    barnard cannot seriously pretend to care about students' health when requiring the entire student body to pay a minimum of $600/year simply to choose from multiple dining halls that all got B grades on the health inspection for a number of serious health code violations.

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