Drop It Like It’s Hot (Or P/F It Like You’re Aiming for a 69.5%)

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Drop or Pass/Fail that class today to avoid feeling like this come Monday.

Hey CC and SEAS students—or C-SEAS students for short!—guess what’s finally here?

No, not nice weather. And no, not Bacchanal (yet). Unfortunately, it’s not Christmas either. But it IS still an important and exciting day, because it’s your last chance to drop a SEAS class or register to Pass/D/Fail a CC class. Same goes for Barnard!

So if you’re reading this post from the middle of a lecture right now instead of taking dilligent notes, and it’s that class for which you really, reeeeeaaallllly meant to catch up on the reading but you still haven’t found the time, then take action before it’s too late!

And in case your present courseload isn’t occupying you enough, most classes for Fall 2011 have been posted, and many seminar applications are due at the end of next week. Yay.

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  1. Anonymous  

    So this is what it's like to go to Brown?

  2. quick question  

    how might one go about changing a class to pass/fail?

  3. Anonymous  

    isn't it P/D/F? wouldn't 69.5 get you a D? still not failing though...

  4. Um  

    Barnard's p/d/f deadline is today too.. where's the love?

  5. And also  

    GS's P/D/F deadline is today, too.

  6. Anonymous  

    If a gs or Barnard student is taking a CC course are they held to the CC drop date for that class or this one?

  7. GROAN

    My last science requirement is kicking my ass (or missed it completely since I ended up missing the first 20% exam). If only I could pass/fail that wreck.

  8. Anonymous  

    can SEAS students also p/d/f classes?

    • Anonymous

      Kind of, not really. You get no graduation credit in SEAS if you pass/fail it and advisors can be obnoxious in refusing to sign the form if you aren't way ahead on your requirements. And of course, SEAS students can't uncover p/d/f grades. Alas.

  9. Anonymous  

    where do you find the fall 2011 courses?!

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