Saturday Morning Cartoons: My Phone Must Be Off

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We know how you feel. Only a week after Spring Break ended, and you’ve already begun to replace memories of the sun and sand with problem sets and papers. You feel listless, unsure what to do, and hungover from last night. Let the lovely Jamila Barra, of DMV cartoon fame, cheer you up with her insightful cartoons that capture the essence of Columbian insecurity in this week’s edition of Saturday Morning Cartoons.

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  1. Anonymous

    ah jamila, these are great! keep it up. yes unicorns!

  2. Anonymous

    Wtf? These cartoons are worse than jody's.

  3. ban frats on campus!  

    love this. wish frats were like unicorns.

  4. These cartoons  

    are absolutely.... (go on to next comment)

  5. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal  

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