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Dearest friends,These guys want to give you num nums!

With spring break a fading memory, we understand that you (a collective entity) will now be slinking back into your protective holes, ensconcing yourself in routines to protect against the hard onslaught that approaches in the coming weeks. But we urge you to just break free for one night, to try something new, to come to a meeting of The Blue & White!

We know you’re scared. It can be hard to do something new like this. But we promise we’ll be gentle when we discuss our upcoming issue with you.

So come on. What have you got to lose? We’re waiting for you. Tonight, Monday night, at 9 pm in the crypt of St. Paul’s Chapel. We like trying new things too, so maybe we’ll try you out as a writer.

And as always, there will be ample num nums.

The Editors

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