Overheard: The Night Before

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Two graduate students stroll by Low Library:

Graduate student: “Yeah, my, like, time management skills this semester have been really poor. I feel like an undergraduate. Who, like, studies the night before? So undergraduate…”

Intricate clock via wikimedia.

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  1. I never realized  

    that if you post on-campus you get a crown next to your name

  2. Undergraduate  

    I wish I was efficient like an undergraduate :(

  3. Undergraduate  

    I wish I was like a grad student :(

  4. like.  

    like, yeah. no way.

  5. This undergraduate wishes  

    that graduate students would hop off the undergraduate DD!!! For as superior as they would like to think they are, they are "academics" without higher end degrees and the largest inferiority complexes in the world. Don't hate on us! We never advised you to be a pansy and pursue a life in academia versus the professional career^^

    • Anonymous  

      THIS undergraduate is attending graduate school next year and is glad to be leaving a place where it's viewed as a back-up plan type thing instead of a viable option. In some fields you have to go to grad school to get a higher paying job, but once you do, it increases a LOT.

      (Also, academia isn't for pansies. I think it's a lot fucking harder than Wall Street, and they get paid a lot less)

  6. undergrad  

    Pursuing a life in academia is being a pansy? Only if you're doing comparative literature. And do Tim Geithner and Elizabeth Warren not have professional careers? Because I think they went to grad school.

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