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Sean Zimmermann reports from last night’s ESC proceedings:

The University has purchased a device that will allow electronic guest sign-in for dorms. Ideally, it will be installed in EC before the end of the semester. This comes as part of a larger overhaul of EC’s entrance. The current plan is to remove the grating now in place, leaving space for a much larger entrance with three “Lerner-style turn-styles” to allow students to swipe into the building. The guard desk will be moved past the grate.

Election Updates:

  • Though Frank Yin, current GSSC Liaison, dropped out of the election last week, he resumed his bid for the VP Intergroup position last night. Yin explained that, though he did not have enough signatures to run, he was inspired by newly elected President Nate Levick’s speech, and successfully requested an extension to get more signatures. Yin was subsequently elected VP Intergroup.
  • Sheila Misheni, SEAS ‘14,  was elected VP Policy Student Life.
  • Audry Padgett, current sophomore class representative, explained that
    she is “the best candidate, even if [she] is the only candidate.”
    Padgett explained that VP Internal doesn’t have many outlined
    responsibilities, and therefore she would not be opposed to focusing
    on communications. She explained that she “wants to push [ESC]
    outreach next year … wants students to know who we are and wants to
    have an impact in their day to day lives.”

Artist’s Rendering courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous

    Um, Bwog? Sheila became VP of Student Life.

  2. yea  

    sheila was elected vp student life and audry was elected vp internal.

  3. Anonymous  

    please explain more about the electronic guest sign-in. will this device be installed in all dorms or just ec? this seems terrible for students who date people that are not columbia undergrads....

    • Anonymous  

      The electric sign in is meant to make barnard students and other Columbia students who do not have CU Dorm access able to get signed in by swiping a card instead of in pen. The pen/paper process would still be in effect.

      This will greatly decrease the time that it takes to sign Barnard students in

  4. Anonymous  

    Well good, that grate is an eyesore.

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