Class of 2015: Your Destiny is Sealed in Those Envelopes

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It seems like just yesterday that 2015 ED got sent out. Hell, it seems like just yesterday our decisions got mailed out. But it isn’t! Today the Deciders of Fates at Admissions mailed 2015 Regular Decision responses. Nail biting ensues.

The admissions people filed solemnly out of Hamilton, placing box after box (after box!) into the UPS van. Then they sang “Roar, Lion, Roar!” It made Bwog happy and feel fresh and excited and pre-froshy again.

Speaking of pre-frosh, holla 2015! We know you’re out there. G’luck friends.

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  1. Is it weird...  

    ...that I'm so excited for those little kids. We all get pretty jaded sometimes, but it's pretty damn cool to go to school here.

  2. inb4toocompetitive  

    hey prefrosh on bwog...enjoy the estimated record low admissions percentage.

  3. Anonymous  

    wow this was me last year....seems like an eternity away...yet just the other day

  4. oh my

    God time flies. it seems like just yday that i walked from the gates of carman up to college walk to get my orientation package, from the tents to Kent (the first of many many times) to get my ID coz I forgot to send in a picture over the summer. They were playing 'I'm Yours' as I walked across college walk and caught a glance at the freshman dorms, butler and lerner and thought 'Holy crap I'm actually here'.
    Ah what I'd give to do it again the RIGHT way this time.

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