Morningside Is Not Your Closet

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It’s opposite day, or something! The tree should not be wearing a scarf, but is. And some person should be wearing their underwear, but it’s on the street. O tempora o mores!

This tree is wearing a scarf, and we have street art! Who says you need to head to the Village to see knitted things on inanimate objects? In other news, Law students either are (a) making good use of those online dating sites or (b) don’t need them. Also, remember¬†Sixteen Candles?

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  1. yesyesyes  

    thanks for the sixteen candles reference!! made my day!

  2. Anonymous

    Chuck Bass's scarf

  3. Lauren  

    There was a toothbrush outside of Schermerhorn this morning...

  4. hey  

    give me my undies back it fell outta my window!

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