No Joke: ROTC Protesters Across From Law School

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Protesters banging drums and chanting catchy slogans such as “They say ROTC. We say democracy!” have gathered on 116th and Amsterdam across from the Law School, where the University Senate is voting on discussing the final ROTC resolution.

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  1. Alex  

    Ugh Shut UP! It's just rude making so much noise for so long outside residential buildings.

  2. So  

    that's what the noise was about...

  3. Thucydides  

    "A nation that makes a great distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its laws made by cowards and its wars fought by fools."

  4. Anonymous  

    happy april fools! its actually just PETA.

  5. CC'13

    OMG FUCK THESE PEOPLE SO HARD some of us were trying to sleep off our hangovers in wien you bastards

  6. Anonymous

    Cross out "voting on" - welcome to a Republic motherfuckers!

  7. yuck  

    so many hipsters.. eeew

  8. uhhh  

    there is transparency. everything was on the website... they were just too lazy to read the website.

  9. BC '14  

    Your voice was heard. And it was taken into consideration. And it was severely outnumbered so get over it and please wash your hair.

    • please

      stop wasting your time on washing your hair, and get a brain, bc '14.

      do you even know how the cu senate works?

      university autonomy is being compromised, and you just don't seem to care.

  10. Anonymous  

    what irks me is that few of these people showed up to any of the town halls to publicly state their point in an open forum. coming out of the woodwork only when the cameras arrive seems slightly contrived, though i guess the SJP argument of not engaging to prevent legitimization of the opposition could probably hold true here. those that did show public and open opposition from the outset, some of those pictured here, i commend greatly for the resoluteness in their beliefs, and i am deeply sorry if they feel offended by the decision made by the governing body here. it happened, it passed, but that doesn't mean the dialogue needs to end, by any stretch or naïveté.

  11. Anonymous  

    Bottom left picture, woman in the left hand corner

    I can't really tell but appears that she misspelled "democracy"

  12. Anonymous  

    No wonder more people didn't side with them with how nasty and gross they all look.

  13. comparing 2005 to 2011 votes

    I was at the 2005 and 2011 senate votes on ROTC. Big differences. The anti-ROTC presence at the vote was larger and more impassioned in 2005. The anti-ROTC presence yesterday was tepid at best. In running the meeting, Bollinger seemed as for ROTC this time as he was against ROTC last time. Sharyn O'Halloran's information slides favored ROTC, while Provost Brinkley spoke strongly against ROTC. In general, ROTC opponents seemed much better organized, motivated, and on point in and around the senate vote in 2005.

    It's like ROTC opponents knew they had already lost going into the meeting.

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