Resolution 4-22011: Free Bagels on Lerner Ramps

Written by

The Model United Nations,

Affirming its miscalculation of its bagel requirements,

Acknowledging its need for bagel consumption reform,

Indulging the grumblings of your stomach,

Urges students to make all haste toward the Lerner Ramps and partake of the organization’s bountiful bagel supply.

N.B.: Who knows, they might just give you a whole platter!

United Nations Flag via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    it was model congress, not model united nations

  2. Justin

    Screw this. It clearly said Columbia model congress on the table. We ran a kick ass conference today. Rispekt, we ain't UN

    President Justin Turetsky

  3. haha  

    clever post, bwog

  4. Ban-Ki Moon

    Were The (Model) Congress to authorize promised funds to the (Model) UN, fulfilling its commitments to pay (Model) UN dues, the (Model) UN would also have been willing and able to host such a bagel event for the wartorn republic of Alfred Lerner Hall.

  5. Anonymous  

    Model conress or model un groups ( i must admit im bias to mun) the fact of the matter is bwog used a clever association to involve us and we must give credit wherre credit is due

  6. CIRCAstani  

    HEY FREE PR!!!!!!!!!!!!

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